Quick Easy Steps on How to Share Audio and Video Files for Transcription with Google Drive

Quick-Easy-Steps-on How-to-Share-Audio and-Video-Files-for Transcription-with-Google-Drive

Struggling to transcribe audio or video files? Google Drive can be your lifesaver! This guide will show you how to upload your files and share them with a transcription service, saving you time and effort.

What You’ll Need:

A Google account (which includes Gmail)


Sign in to Gmail:

If you don’t have a Google account, create one for free. Gmail provides access to various Google services, including Google Drive.

Access Google Drive:

Look for a grid of nine dots in the top right corner of your Gmail inbox. Click it, and a menu will appear. Find the icon resembling a triangular prism (that’s Google Drive) and click it.

Create a Folder (Optional):

For better organization, create a new folder specifically for your transcription files. Click “New” in the top left corner and choose “Folder.” Name your folder (e.g., “Transcription Files”) and click “Create.”

Upload Your Files: Drag and drop your audio or video files from your computer directly into your Google Drive (or your newly created folder). You’ll see a progress bar in the bottom corner indicating the upload status.

Share the Files:

Once uploaded, locate your files and click the three dots next to them. Select “Share” from the dropdown menu. Which will take you to another menu with two options, Share and Copy link. Select Share which will take you to the pop up box as shown below.

Grant Access:

In the sharing window, under “General access,” choose “Anyone with the link” to allow the transcription service to access your files. Click “Copy link” to obtain the shareable link.

Send the Link:

Open your email and create a new message. Paste the copied link in the email body and add the recipient’s email address (the transcription service). Send the email.

Jofranlu Transcription Service Does the Rest:

The recipient (Jofranlu.com transcription services) will receive your email with the link, allowing them to access your files for transcription.


This method simplifies sharing large audio/video files.

You only need to create the folder once for future uploads.


Sharing with “Anyone with the link” makes the files accessible to anyone who has the link. Ensure the transcription service is reputable.

For added security, consider changing the sharing permission after the transcription is complete.

This blog post should equip you to easily share your audio and video files using Google Drive for transcription needs. Enjoy increased efficiency and clear, editable text from your audio/video content!

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