Best MicroSD cards for your Zoom H1n Oral History Recorders

The Best MicroSD cards for Your Zoom H1n recorders

In my previous blog about The Four Best Voice Recorders for Your Oral History Interviews, we looked at Zoom H1n. Now we’re going to look at microSD cards that can be used as additional memory to the Zoom H1n recorder.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB

Sandisk Ultra 32 GB

If you are looking for a microSD for your Zoom H1n recorder then this is probably worth considering. It’s a microSD High-Capacity card with a 32GB capacity. It’s rated to have a maximum read speed of 120 MB/s and a minimum write Speed of 10 MB/s

According to reviews the highest bitrate audio the Zoom H1n can record is 96kHz/24bit stereo WAV recording. That equates to 96,000 Hz X 24-bit X 2 channels = 4,608,000 bps, which is equivalent to 0.576MB/s (that’s MegaBytes per second!). So, the minimum write speed of this card is approximately 20 times more than what you need when using the H1n for all your oral history recordings.

This microSD is built for extreme conditions, and is water shock, x-ray, and temperature proof to help protect your data, while a built-in write-protect switch further helps to safeguard your content which is perfect for preserving oral history interviews and research.

The price tag for the Sandisk Ultra 32GB on Amazon is just under $8.00

SanDisk Ultra 32GB A1

Sandisk ultra 32GB A1

This is a faster version of the SanDisk Ultra 32GB. It has maximum read speeds of 120 MB/s and minimum write speeds of 10 MB/s. Just like the SanDisk Ultra 32GB, it is a microSD High-Capacity card with a 32GB capacity and has an A1 rating which is the application performance class of the card.  This simply means that the card can open apps and process apps quickly, because it can handle a random read input-output access per second (IOPS) of 1,500 and write IOPS of 500.

These cards are shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and X-ray-proof so you can worry less about reliability if exposed to the elements.

The price tag on the Sandisk Ultra 32GB A1 on Amazon is just under $10.00

Samsung Evo Select 32GB

Samsung Evo Select 32GB

The Samsung Evo Select is a fast microSD High-Capacity card with read & write speeds up to 95MB/s & 20MB/s respectfully which is more than adequate for your oral history interview data on the Zoom H1n recorders.

The Evo Select is built to last as it can withstand up to 72 hours in seawater, extreme temperatures, airport X-ray machines, and magnetic fields so as an oral historian you are assured that your data will be safely preserved through most if not all extremes.

The price tag on the Samsung Evo Select on Amazon is just under $8.00

That’s it for this blog, I do hope it was helpful. Please feel free to reach out for any questions or comments or any transcription needs and we will get back to you.

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