Top Four Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams for all your Oral History Interviews

Hey there oral history enthusiasts and welcome back to yet another one of my blog posts. Now, if you’re looking for a way to conduct and record your interviews online, you might want to check out Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t already signed up for Microsoft Teams and want to, then check out my previous blog on Easy steps To Open a Microsoft Teams account.  It’s a great tool that lets you chat, call and share files with anyone you invite to your team. So here are some of my top four benefits of using Microsoft teams as an alternative for all your oral history interviews.

– You can save time and money by avoiding travel costs and logistics.

– You can reach a wider pool of talent and diversity by expanding your geographical boundaries.

– You can create a more engaging and interactive experience for both the interviewer and the interviewee by using features like screen sharing, whiteboard, chat, and live captions.

– You can easily review and share the interview recordings with your team members and stakeholders.

 That’s it for this short blog post. Look out for my next blog on how to make the most of your interviews using Microsoft teams for all your oral history interviews.

Until next time, remember to always be kind, stay positive and learn to unwind.

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